Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May 31st

I really don’t know what to write. I hate school, my fellow students and most people that aren’t under 35. Gym was really weird today, Ms Parsons decided that we would do orienteering in Gym Class, weird I know. We had to spell out our names with the directions of a compass. I was paired with Christy Tibbo. I hate her, Christy not Ms. Parsons, I hate both of them actually.
Christy, how the hell would I describe her… Slut would be a good term, so would annoying, superficial, mean, conformist. She is like every other girl in the class, teeny-popper sluts. She reminds me of Ashley Greene, in terms of looks anyway. Leah and Jenelle are getting a divorce. They not really married, We’re just 13/14. They call each other there “wifey’s”. Everyone in my class is weird, in my very biased opinion. In everyone else’s opinion, their the ones that are normal. I’m on my period right now. It’s not like my other ones. Not feeling to bad, just depressed like always.
I’ve been trying to write a diary for a while now. Just could never if the words or write it. Hopefully I’ll keep it up.


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